Vaponic Vaporizer Review

The Vaponic and Included Stealth Case
The Vaponic and Included Stealth Case

Produced in the UK, the Vaponic (available here from Everyonedoesit) is a relatively inexpensive yet highly portable glass vaporizer designed with stealth in mind. The unit itself is made up of two glass pieces and a mouthpiece and relies on a lighter as a heat source. I was looking forward to trying the Vaponic, as its small size makes it easy to carry. The Vaponic also comes with a fake marker which you can use to store your unit while not in use. My first impressions of the Vaponic were good. It is small and compact, and the case it comes with can easily fit in a jacket pocket. The device itself is about as long as an electronic cigarette, which makes holding it between your fingers (like a cigarette) very comfortable. In fact, I’m typing right now with the Vaponic in my hand!

The Vaponic fits great in my hand!
The Vaponic fits great in my hand!

Much like the Vaporgenie, it takes some practice in order to get a feel for how to hit the piece and get the maximum amount of vapor without combustion. For best results, I recommend using a jet flame lighter as a heat source, and rotating the Vaponic while you heat it so that you can heat your bowl evenly. Make sure that you heat up the sides of the Vaponic and not the very tip, as heating the tip will cause an uneven vaporization of herb. During your first hit, I suggest that you slowly inhale and focus on heating up your herb. Once the Vaponic is warmed up, the second to fifth hits will produce quite a bit of vapor. If you rotate properly while heating the unit up, you can easily turn the bowl dark brown without having to stir it. After playing with the Vaponic for a few days, I was able to get large vapor hits comparable to the Vaporgenie. I only burned the bowl once, but being able to see the herb change color makes it easy to determine how long you should heat it up for. The Vaponic’s is almost all-glass, making cleaning easy (simply soak it in high proof alcohol).

The Vaponic Portable Vaporizer
The Vaponic Portable Vaporizer

Although the Vaponic has impressive vapor production, it does have a few downsides. Firstly, since the unit is comprised almost entirely of glass, it may shatter if dropped, so be sure to be careful while handling it. Additionally, the tip of the Vaponic becomes very hot during use (which can burn you if you aren’t careful). This high heat given off by the glass makes it difficult to place it on certain surfaces or in your pocket right after use. Additionally, the herb chamber is fairly small, so group use can be slightly frustrating (especially when you need to frequently reload). It gene rally takes about five minutes to fully cool down after use, but it is significantly cooler after the two minute mark. Overall, the Vaponic is a solid portable vaporizer available at a good price. I recommend the Vaponic to those who are looking for a small, portable vaporizer solution for when they’re on the go (possibly to compliment a non-portable electric vaporizer). The fake marker that comes with the unit also makes concealment very easily and doubles as a sturdy storage case.

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  1. Bejamin says

    I’d like to know how many seconds do I have to wait to get the first hit of the vaponic in case the glass is dirty and you can berly see?

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