Da Bhudda Nail Kit

The Da Bhudda Nail Kit
The Da Bhudda Nail Kit

It has recently come to my attention that a new Da Bhudda nail kit has been released. This Nail kit allows you to efficiently vaporize essential oils and extract including cannabis oil. According to the Da Bhudda site,

This kit comes complete with everything you’ll need to have flavored vapor! The Heater Cover is open for easy access and comes with a Globe top to cover up the hole for a seal just like our regular DBV Heater Covers. The wand has a bubble followed by a pinch to catch any excess oil from going down the tube. To finish the kit off, there is a small titanium cap that sits on top of your heater cover. Just drop a ceramic flavor disc and some flavored oil on top, and enjoy the tasty vapor!

The Glass Globe Cover
The Glass Globe Cover

I have yet to try out the kit, but it looks like it is of quite good quality. Normally I just put a dab of oil on top of regular cannabis in my vaporizers, but this has the downside of sometimes clogging up the screens. If you’re someone who uses oil on the regular, than this could be a good investment.

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