Why You Shouldn’t Buy Vaporizers On Amazon

Amazon, not always the best choice for vaporizers
Amazon, not always the best choice for vaporizers

Frequently, readers often contact me interested in knowing if it is a good idea to purchase a vaporizer from the various sellers on Amazon. Although there are some resellers that carry name brand vaporizers significantly below cost, there are a few issues with ordering from a reseller. I spoke with several vaporizer manufacturers, and here are some of the reasons why they always recommend going through a reputable distributor, or directly through the manufacturer when making a purchase.

Recently, many manufacturers have been cracking down on the unauthorized sale of their products, and have and are actively taking steps to avoid their vaporizers being sold on unauthorized channels such as Amazon. In order to try and dodge this, several Amazon resellers have gone as far as to obfuscate their company name in order to place bulk orders to then sell way below the MSRP. Although the vaporizer may be cheaper, the lower price significantly devalues the product and reduces the amount of money manufacturers can allocate to providing warranties and customer support, which brings me to my next point.

Unlike ordering from a reputable distributor or directly from the manufacturer, most vaporizers sold by those on Amazon lack a proper warranty since they are not being sold via an approved channel.  As a result, if something goes wrong with your vaporizer, you must contact the reseller for a replacement which can be difficult since many Amazon resellers are fly by night and often close up shop nearly as fast as they open, making contacting one quite difficult.

In summary, I suggest avoiding Amazon altogether, and instead purchasing a unit from a reliable outfit such as VapeWorld. In addition, they offer free shipping and oftentimes an extra gift thrown in with your purchase.


  1. john says

    Not true, i’ve tried many fake vaporizers ( PAX, Snoop Dog G pen, Cloupor, SMY etc.) and they were 1 on 1 with originals.

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