“Vaporizers Don’t Get You As High” And Other Common Misconceptions

Balcony Vaping With The Firewood II
Balcony vaping with the Firewood II

In my years of vaporizing, I’ve met plenty of smokers who are skeptical of vapes but end up becoming converts after I have them try one of mine. Most of the time these smokers have several misconceptions regarding cannabis vaporizers, and so I decided to refute some of the more common ones in this article.

Vaporizers Don’t Get You As High As Smoking!

This is the most common misconceptions I’ve heard, and in my experience it couldn’t be further from the truth! Vaporizers are much more efficient than smoking (when you smoke a joint, the lit end stays burning and wasting herb), and gram for gram a high quality vape gets me much higher than smoking normally would. Some people complain of a lack of a “rush” while vaping, but what they don’t realize is that the “rush” you feel from smoking cannabis is actually due to carbon monoxide entering your bloodstream (causing a sensation of lightheadness). When you use a vaporizer, is that by using it you are bypassing all the harmful byproducts of combustion, and this creates a more energetic high and no wheezing (even after heavy use).

A little bit of bud can last a long time with an efficient vape
A little bit of bud can last a long time with an efficient vape

Secondly, it is highly important to choose a good quality vaporizer. In my experience, plugin vapes tend to produce more vapor than portable ones, and also tend to be more efficient (but obviously not portable). For example, someone using an Extreme Q would have a very different experience compared to another person trying an MFLB. Pen style vapes (like the MCig) are generally the worst culprits as they burn herb easily. Also make sure to clean your vaporizer (check the guides section for instructions for popular vape models) regularly. A vaporizer caked with resin (hash oil) will have reduced airflow and thus be less efficient.

You Can Afford More Bud By Not Purchasing A Vaporizer

A small bowl can still pack a punch!
Don’t be fooled by its size -A small bowl can still pack a punch!

Another argument I sometimes hear from smokers is that vaporizers can be expensive, and you’re better off buying more bud with the money you save from not purchasing one. In my experience however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Because vaporizers are much more efficient than smoking, you can significantly cut down your cannabis consumption by using one, saving you money in the long run. Before getting into vaporization I used to smoke 14g of herb every weeks, but with a good vape I can go a little over two weeks on the same amount. Since bud isn’t cheap, this reduction in consumption will go a long way towards helping me save some extra cash.

Vaporizers Produce No Smell!

One common misconception with smokers just starting out with vaporizers is that they produce little to no smell, and in my experience this is false. There are many factors which can influence smell (potency of your bud, how much vapor you exhale, etc), and most of the time a vape smells strongly like fresh bud at first, turning to a burnt popcorn aroma as the bowl finishes. However, if a vape is used in a room with adequate ventilation, the smell with be barely noticeable and none of your belongings will be covered in smoke! There’s also a few steps that you can take to reduce the smell of your vape.

If you’re a smoker thinking about purchasing a vaporizer, I highly recommend taking a look at my vaporizer reviews category and choosing a model which suits your needs and price range. I guarantee that once you give a vaporizer a try, you’ll never look back!


  1. Sly says

    Plus one vote for vapes! Im trying my Airizer solo for the first time right now and im getting baked… really fast.

  2. Not True says

    I recently bought a Pax and have been smoking from it for three days now, and I’m not getting high. I smoked with two friends as well, they did not get high.

    All these pro vapes articles on the internet are probably written by the makers of vaporizers for you to shell out large amounts of money for equipment that doesn’t give you the effect your are looking for.

    • Dani Peel says

      Vaping is my favorite way to consume cannabis. And I’m not being paid to say that. I’m sure either you’re just not used to the lighter high that you get with vaping or the Pax isn’t performing as it should; units can be defective.

    • IcyFrog2 says

      LOL nope not at all and you don’t drag on a vape like you do on a Jay and like they said the Carbon Monoxide is what give u head rush sorry I been using vape and in my opinion spend the dollar for a high quality one I am using Crafty but to each their own and I do get the full benefit of the smoke.

      • Daniel says

        you’re using the wrong vape my friend, also try adjusting the heat to a higher temp. The pax is a meh imo, upgrade to a Davinci Ascent and never look back

    • nate says

      Hey brotha. I bought a Pax as well. I understand how you could feel that way. But you need to understand that you are sacrificing quality with portability.

      Get a Volcano.

      I did and I will never smoke again.

      It all depends on the vaporizer.

  3. Foggy says

    I’ve been smoking weed for over forty years and just started using a vaporizer yesterday due to pulmonary issues. I have a Davinci Ascent. It was well worth the money. The high is much cleaner….. as in far more cerebral. I used Chem dawg and the high was a bit different than a joint or a pipe. It had a nice fade in instead of feeling like falling through a trapdoor mentally.
    Vaporizing is really the best way to get all the goodness from your cannabis without shitting up your lungs up in the process.

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